History Snap

Dick Bertram rapidly understood that communication and advertisement would be the key to success. Bertram Yachts was one of the first shipyards to invest so aggressively in advertisement.

Known worldwide as one of the most experienced and knowledgeable Bertram Ad Specialist in Bertram Yachts history has been Mike SLOAN. The first ad Mike did for Bertram Yachts shocked boaters with the most derogatory term a sailor could throw at a powerboat. But it defined Bertram as the choice for men who demanded sea kind performance and durability.

For more than a decade, the claims were validated by true stories from places around the world where yacht parts and good mechanics were hard to find. The “Very big in the boondocks” campaign was named among the top ten continuing campaigns in U.S. magazines

As Bertram boats increased in size and luxury, the extra value was translated into boating’s most memorable slogan,“The Sun Never Sets on the Bertram Empire.”

Mike created every Bertram ad for 14 years until Italian Ferretti Group bought the company; Our Used Bertram team has collected about 200 Bertram items including boat ads, Bertram yard ads, dealer ads and Bertram Yachts articles of press.

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