23ee7ffWe would like it stated accurately and exact, that the associates and parties involved with www.used-bertram.com are not affiliated with Bertram Yachts, property of the Ferretti Group. We are not neither employees of the company, nor Bertram appointed Dealers. We are fans of these incredibly unique and sought after sailing vessels and know that others share the same passion as well. With the passing of years, our brokerage company continues to be one of the leaders in sales of Used Bertram Yachts in the European market. Our reputation and rapid growth has taken us to the American market, primarily in Florida, home of our major Bertram followers and fans.

Our President, Chris TURQUAND entered the boat business in France in 2000. One of his first boat sales ever was a 31 Bertram named CYNGALI. He delivered the boat from the South of France to Spain and was amazed by the seagoing qualities of this boat. CYNGALY now belongs to Spencer, a German fisherman, who is now ones of Chris’ closest friends. Known today as POP PRIMERO he has began a second life chartered for fishing in Mallorca, Spain. Chris has sold many Bertram boats over the years making him widely known as an “European Bertram Yachts Specialist”, specializing in the classic “31 Bertram”. At “Used Bertram” we simply do not want to be just a listing of Used Bertram Yachts available for sale. We want to be the site for all used Bertram references, a meeting place for all Bertram Boat Owners, future Bertram Boat Buyers and even for those who are just passionate about these mystical boats.Chris TURQUANDBy browsing around the site “Used Bertram”, you will also be able to get information about the history of the shipyards and many important dates. You will also learn the history of Bertram and how they were the pioneers of extremely aggressive advertising efforts from the very start. We count to date about 200 Bertram advertisements/or publications over the last 20 years and we will not cease in increasing our collection of such incredible advertisement.

You will also find on our site “Used Bertram” a complete catalogue of refurbished or customized parts for your unique and amazing vessel. The site will also provide you with valuable technical information as well. To be able to provide you all with all this quality information, we have developed a partnership with Cabrera Yachts, the world’s largest specialist in the refurbishing of used Bertrams, mainly the “Bertram 31″.