The 1980 Bertram Yard



Additional manufacturing facilities came on line to accommodate increases in production and work-force strength was projected to become 1,200. The Bertram 31 20th Anniversary Fly Bridge Cruiser is introduced.


Bertram introduces the 30 in Sport fishing and Express Cruiser versions. This boat had the performance and rough water capabilities of the 31, with more interior space, greater comfort, and air conditioning.


In March, 1985, Whittaker sold part of its interest in Bertram and three other marine companies to INVESTCORP in a leveraged buyout. The transaction was structured as a purchase by three newly formed companies. One, Bertram Trojan, Inc., acquired the assets of Bertram Yacht and the Trojan Yacht division. Retaining its own identity, Bertram emerged stronger than ever and introduced a 37-foot convertible with sleek, new styling.


The 43 convertible was added during this year.


The innovative 54-foot convertible made its debut after two years of extensive research, tank testing at the Hovercraft Laboratories in England, and a solid six months of running the prototype off Bimini and Miami.


The famous Bertram 38 Special is introduced at the New York Boat Show. ‘Bertram 38 Special’ engraved on actual shell casings were handed out during the show.


The 50 convertible debuted in 1986-7 and was dubbed ” the slickest Bertram yet” by Boating Magazine. The 50’s were so popular that they were built in two production lines to keep up with demand. The Bertram 72 was introduced ` shortly thereafter.


Bertram launches the Bertram 72 Convertible, the ‘queen of the fleet’ and the biggest Bertram built for over two decades.